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Reggie is a Technology Executive with over 20 years of expertise in the telecommunications industry. 


His humble and caring demeanor, coupled with excellent interpersonal skills, allows him to be an effective communicator with people from all walks of life. 


He’s deeply passionate about his commitment for social change and is relentless in his efforts to have an impact and uplift those who are in need of assistance in communities across N.J. 


One of his true loves is the connection and mentoring of young people, and preparing them for their future. One of the special opportunities which he offers is

via his #BuildYourCore program, 


Reggie feels blessed to be able to follow this calling which flows from his heart. Works for  Comcast-NBC / MTN 


The Power In



Andersons Meet the Need, the organization started by Yvette and Reggie six years ago, is founded on the Andersons reflecting on their own life experiences and honoring the people in their life who have shown them what is important in life and what it truly means to give back.  Support our mission



"Nothing can stop me"




"living everyday as if it's my last"




2018 Freedom BEN Trailblazer Award


"GOD will find a way, You'll see"

Life is Short, take a step back, Thank God for Your Blessings

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